DVA/Geriatric Physiotherapy

Bateau Bay Physiotherapy can help address the physical and cognitive changes that may impact the ageing population. Stuart enjoys spending time with the elderly population, working with them to:

  • Improve Mobility: Reducing the effects of joint stiffness, pain and muscular weakness. Working with family members and carers if organising mobility aid devices and environmental modifications are required.
  • Preventing Falls: Physiotherapy help reduce the risk of falls by assessing the gait, balance and strength of an elderly individual. A tailored supervised exercise program incorporating strength and balance are important factors when reducing falls.
  • Managing Chronic Conditions: Stuart has extensive experience working with elderly individuals to help manage chronic conditions that limit an individual’s mobility and functional capacity.  Stuart provides pain management, targeted exercises and preventative of secondary complications to help maintain a level of independence and optimise functional capacity.
  • Improve Strength and Conditioning: Deconditioning and increased sedentary behaviours create a higher risk of falls that can lead to increased risk of fractures and poor cardiovascular capacity. Stuart places a focus on strength and conditioning exercises into his management plan to help the elderly population improve their physical function, reduce risk of falls, and maintain/improve their impendence.
  • Stuart offers home visits to individuals where obtain access/resources are difficult.

Bateau Bay Physiotherapy can also manage individuals that are covered through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA). Stuart is able to see individuals in both the clinic or residential setting, helping individuals with pain management, strength and conditioning, falls prevention and optimise physical capacity and function. Stuart will regularly liaise with family members and your GP regarding your presentation.