Pre-operative rehabilitation is a valuable component for individuals undergoing surgery as it can reduce your length of stay in hospital and may reduce your post-operative recovery time. Bateau Bay Physiotherapy consider both physical rehabilitation and education an important part of the pre-operative phase as we aim to:

  • Address altered movement patterns and muscular weakness associated with prolonged injury
  • Educate on the surgical procedure and the few days after surgery, including patient handouts.
  • Work together in setting SMART goals.
  • Implement a tailored exercise program leading up to your surgery to help streamline and fast-track your recovery

Bateau Bay Physiotherapy will work closely with your specialist in the post-operative phase, following protocols/guidelines and maintaining communication with your specialists throughout your rehabilitation.

In your post-operative recovery, our physiotherapist will aim to:

  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Re-establish early joint movement
  • Gait/mobility re-education
  • Increase neuromuscular coordination and muscular strength
  • Implement progressive and tailored exercises to help return to work, sport or daily activities.
  • Education about recovery and maintain communication with your GP and specialist.

Bateau Bay Physiotherapy are committed to keeping up-to-date, liaising with specialists to sit in and observe surgical procedures and techniques to aid in optimal recovery.